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Flexible Alternatives To NHS Nervous Breakdown Treatment

Many people use NHS nervous breakdown treatment by default. However, there are faster and more effective methods of nervous breakdown treatment than the standardised approach used by the NHS. Thus if you're looking for nervous breakdown treatment or have become dissatisfied with the NHS nervous breakdown treatment you may have received - we'll outline your options here.



Nervous Breakdown - Why NHS Standardisation Is A Bad Idea...


People are not 'standard' or the same - we're all individuals and hence different. When we have a problem, to a large degree that problem can affect us in a way that is very different to how it may affect others. This is also true of recovery, namely that one person will respond differently than another person to exactly the same treatment.

However, with a giant organisation like the NHS care becomes standardised. You are treated in the same manner as the person before you and the person after you... regardless of how individual or specific your case may be.

Treating everyone the same way makes it easy for the care providers, form fillers and accountants to do their jobs - but at what cost to you? Does the attitude of treating you as 'standard' or 'average' really lead to the best level of care for you as an individual? We think not.

Undoubtedly the best way to get the fastest most effective recovery is by tailoring treatment to an individuals needs. This means that you are treated as a person rather than a statistic, with who you are and how you are affected by your nervous breakdown being paramount in deciding how your treatment should be structured and delivered. As a specialised private sector Clinic we can deliver the tailored individual treatment you need to get you back on your feet and living your life again.

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Nervous Breakdown - Why NHS Bureaucracy Is A Bad Idea...

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Waiting times, paper work, box ticking and even struggling to speak to the right person are all horror stories we hear from people (just like you) with regard to their NHS nervous breakdown treatment.

The truth is that when you've suffered from a nervous breakdown the last thing you want to hear from the NHS is that there are long waiting times for you to be seen. Unfortunately this is often the case. However, we'd suggest that a waiting time of a few days between initial contact and your first Consultation should be reasonable for someone in your position. That's why we endeavour to offer all of our new clients an initial appointment within two or three days of their initial phone call.

Another infuriating problem encountered by many people through the NHS is the endless paperwork, form-filling and box ticking. We hear many stories of people being asked the same questions over and over as information is needlessly duplicated. However in our opinion, paperwork, form-filling and box ticking isn't going to help you feel better or encourage a fast recovery. This is why we prioritise investing our time in helping you to feel better whilst keeping paperwork to an absolute minimum.

The final problem people seem to encounter with NHS bureaucracy is getting to speak to the right person. Often NHS receptionists seem to take on the role of gate-keepers intent on keeping you from speaking to the very person that can help. Again we think this is a bad idea and not helpful in terms of your care or recovery. This is why, at the Anxiety Clinic, you are not only appointed your own Consultant - but also have telephone access to that Consultant during our working hours. In our opinion - this is how tailored care should be.

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Nervous Breakdown - Why NHS Drugs Alone Don't Work Long Term...

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If you've discussed a nervous breakdown with your GP there is a good chance that you have been prescribed medication. Unfortunately medication is NOT a 'cure' for nervous breakdowns and will not address the underlying problem which caused the nervous breakdown in the first place. Likewise, medication will also not prevent nervous breakdowns from occurring in the future.

It is common for people to misunderstand the use of medication in relation to a nervous breakdown as GP's rarely have time to explain. However, the truth is that medication is NOT a long term solution - it is merely a means to temporarily take the edge off the nervous breakdown symptoms.

This does not mean medication is completely useless for treating nervous breakdowns, but it must be used in conjunction with a form of therapy - preferably cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). Using medication as part of a combined approach allows the drugs to take the edge off the symptoms whilst the CBT addresses the underlying cause. As the CBT progresses you will begin to feel significantly better to the point where you no longer need the medication. This is the time to review the situation with your GP.

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