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Nervous Breakdown Treatment

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Nervous breakdown treatment is an art as much as it is a science. Different people behave in different ways so the idea of a one size fits all nervous breakdown treatment simply isn't realistic. This is why every client we take on has their very own treatment programme designed specifically to meet THEIR needs. However, most care providers view nervous breakdown treatment as something which should be standardised. This means that if (for example) you use the NHS you will be treated the same as everybody else. If you are average and standard in every respect then there will be no problem. However if you're an individual (as most people are) the standardised nervous breakdown treatment of the NHS (and many other providers for that matter) could be like trying to hammer a square peg through a round hole.

It is entirely your decision who you choose BUT getting it right first time can save you unnecessary frustration, suffering and regret. On this page you'll learn how our specialised treatment works and hopefully this will give you an idea of what will be most suitable for you.

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Nervous Breakdown Treatment - Standardised or Tailored?

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As we mentioned in our introductory text, the vast majority of care providers use a standardised approach for their nervous breakdown treatment. The truth is that a standardised approach is about convenience for the care provider NOT about giving you the best service available. However, we understand that you are an individual and that your case is unique. Forcing you to comply with a standardised nervous breakdown treatment programme could well be like trying to hammer a square peg through a round hole... and we don't think that's right.

So, what we do differently is to fully assess YOUR case and requirements. Once we have an understanding of how you work as an individual we can create a nervous breakdown treatment programme specifically tailored to your requirements. Working this way makes recovery not only easier for you, but also considerably faster. We believe it's worth the extra effort and attention on our part in order to give you the best results possible.

Of course the final decision is yours. We can only make the offer - it is you that must decide whether you want to chance the square peg through a round hole scenario... or whether you'd like to get it right first time. Our number is 01782 855585 if you'd like to find out more.

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Nervous Breakdown Treatment - Medication, CBT or Combination?

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Unfortunately because of the way public health care is structured in the UK, people who need effective nervous breakdown treatment don't always get it. One of the main problems is that the first port of call for most sufferers is their GP. First of all a GP is not a nervous breakdown specialist and is unlikely to have more than a basic knowledge of mental health. So right away, most people find themselves dealing with a 'general' practitioner and not the specialist that they need.

The next problem is that on average a GP will have between seven and eight minutes to listen to your problem, decide what to do and offer some form of action. The truth is that such short sessions are not feasible for treating nervous breakdowns or any type of mental health issue - it's as simple as that!

This tends to lead to the third and final problem facing many sufferers in terms of receiving effective nervous breakdown treatment. The GP's time constraints (when coupled with the inevitable waiting lists of the NHS) mean that the only remaining immediate option is medication. In truth, medication will not 'fix' the effects of a nervous breakdown nor will it prevent another breakdown from occurring in the future. The best anyone can realistically hope for in terms of medication is for it to temporarily take the edge off the way the sufferer feels. This can lead to a false sense of security as it is merely the medication making the difference, not recovery. Inevitably the sufferer will need to come off the medication and the symptoms will return, thus medication is never a long term solution on its own.

The most effective nervous breakdown treatment is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). However, once again you need to be careful in choosing your provider. The reason again boils down to 'standardised treatment' or 'tailored treatment'. If you go to the NHS you will receive standardised treatment which involves reams of paperwork, box ticking and form filling. This system fulfils the NHS demand for bureaucracy but is not particularly effective in terms of getting you the results you want and the recovery you need. What we would suggest is for you to choose a provider that puts your needs first and prioritises your recovery over everything else. If you like the sound of this, you should call us about your case to discuss your recovery options.

The final option is a combination of medication and CBT. Although medication alone will never fix a nervous breakdown over the long term, it can have temporary benefits whilst you undertake the appropriate effective treatment. Thus if you are already taking medication and have perhaps realised that it's not going to be the long term solution you hoped for - we can still combine it with our specialised CBT. As you start to feel better you simply wont need the medication anymore and that is the time to review it with your GP.

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Nervous Breakdown Treatment - What To Expect...

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The first thing you should expect with regard to working with us is the expertise of our Consultants. We specialise in a very niche area so our expertise is very focused. Essentially your Consultant will fully understand your problem, how you feel and will give you specifically what you need in order to recover at a pace comfortable for you.

We understand how being passed around and having to go through the same story over and over with different professionals can be frustrating. With this in mind, you will be appointed a Consultant who will be responsible for your treatment from start to finish. You will never be passed around if you work with us.

Most people detest paperwork so we keep it to an absolute minimum. All we ask for is your name, address and contact telephone number in writing - that's it for the paperwork you'll be required to complete. Box ticking, reports, quizzes and the like do not encourage effective recovery so we don't use them. We only use tools and techniques which have proven to work time and again for our previous clients... and all these tools and techniques work verbally and through conversation. So, as we say - paperwork will be minimal.

How much does it cost? If you live in or near to Stoke on Trent we strongly suggest you work with us face to face at our Clinic (or in certain special circumstances we can send a Consultant out to your home). Our fees for face to face Consultations at our Clinic are £95.00 for a full 90-minute session.

If you live elsewhere in the UK and face to face Consultations aren't feasible we can work with you via telephone or online. These sessions cost £69.00 and last for 60-minutes. As you can see, by avoiding bureaucracy and needless management tiers we are able to work with great efficiency offering specialised expert Consultants at very affordable fees.

Is there a guarantee? We offer a zero financial risk guarantee to all new clients. If at any time during your initial Consultation (even right at the end), you choose for any reason that you don't want to continue working with us - it wont cost you a single penny. We'll shake hands, part company on good terms and you'll owe us nothing. You will only pay for the Initial Consultation session if you decide to continue working with us.

The next step is for you to decide what you want to do. We appreciate that suffering from a nervous breakdown can make decisions tough and it is far easier to sit back, do nothing and hope everything will turn out OK. However, in truth sitting back and doing nothing is probably the worst thing you can do. Remember that it is in our moments of indecision that consequences are inevitably created!

Now is the time to avoid anymore unnecessary consequences and choose the best option for you from the links below:

I live in or near to Stoke on Trent and would like more information on a zero risk Face To Face Consultation.

I live elsewhere in the UK and would like more information on a zero risk Telephone / Online Consultation.

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